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I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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Geoff Augustine’s new comic collection offers irreverent look inside fight with cancer

Herald Sun | 28 November 2019 | Grant McArthur

From the moment Geoff Augustine was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, the veteran cartoonist has looked for light and laughs in the darkest of circumstances. The result? A 500-cartoon collection offering an irreverent look into his fight.

Initially the cartoons were a way to help Mr Augustine make sense of the situation, then for Prof Steinfort to tell medical students about the highs and lows of cancer treatment. But as the humour gained a wider audience among doctors, nurses and cancer patients, it was transformed into the 500-cartoon collection Why is He Laughing?

Authors Alan Crichton, Noelene Allen and others to speak at Chiltern Athenaeum Museum

Border Mail | 3 April 2019 | Ellen Ebsary

Chiltern’s role in the Ned Kelly story is, in Alan Crichton’s eyes, of the greatest significance. The Far beyond the Falls author believes the Kellys’ clash with police was “ignited” in the historic town, and will be talking on the topic on Saturday as part of a ‘Ned Kelly Weekend’.

“In 1877, there were two boys pushing horses north through Chiltern and a witness saw this and identified the boys, one being Dan Kelly. The witness believed the horses were stolen and went to the Chiltern police station, and it wasn’t until eight months later that an arrest warrant was made out.”

Book inspires paintings of the women behind Ned Kelly

Arts Space Wodonga | 11 August 2017

A series of paintings currently on exhibition at Arts Space Wodonga were inspired after the artist heard a radio interview with the author of a book about the incredible life of Ned Kelly’s mother, Ellen Kelly. Artist Janet Goodchild-Cuffley was inspired to paint the series after hearing Noelene Allen talk about her book Ellen: A Woman of Spirit.

Each of Janet’s paintings tells a story that vividly conveys the lives of these Victorian colonial women of the late 19th century – resourceful and resilient women who were way ahead of their time.

Author Noelene Allen talks about her book Ellen: A Woman of Spirit

Border Mail | 11 August 2017 | Jodie Brunton

Author Noelene Allen became fascinated with Ned Kelly’s mother, Ellen Kelly, quite by accident. Following the 2002 refurbishment of the Beechworth Historic Precinct, the manager Richard Skinner laid down a challenge to Allen, which would spark a decade of research into the women of the Kelly family.

“Ellen’s trial was so unjust and the sentence so severe. I wanted to know more but I could only find one book written about her – and it was a novel – while there was a huge amount written about Ned. I am grateful the relatives surrounding the story trusted me enough to share their stories.”

The story of a woman with a fiercely courageous spirit

Shepparton News | 30 March 2013 | John Lewis

The story of Ned Kelly and his exploits may be ingrained into the Australian psyche, but the women in his life have remained obscure – until now.

As a young woman, when she won a court case for maintenance for her children against the father, instead of going quietly home Ellen rode a horse up and down the main street of Benalla. She was promptly arrested for “riding in a furious manner.”

Author Makes History

Weekend Magazine | 26 April 2013 

Author Noelene Allen will be discussing the life of Ellen Kelly, mother of the most infamous bushranger Ned Kelly, next month.

Ellen’s journey is told in this long awaited book with sympathy, compassion and above all honesty. Throughout the book, readers are immersed in the trials, tragedies and triumphs of this woman, including the fact that Ellen Kelly outlived seven of her 12 children, with many previously untold anecdotes shared in Noelene’s book. The love of Ellen’s life is taken from her at an early age; she is faced with the task of bringing up her children on her own.

Telling forgotten Kelly story

Forbes Advocate | 11 April 2013 | Michael Bushell

Like many Australians, author Noelene Allen was already familiar with a lot of the history of bushranger Ned Kelly and his gang. However, the story of Ned and Dan Kelly’s mother, Ellen, was a wealth of untold turmoil, grief and injustice.

“I think the pioneer women of that 1870s era were just unbelievably strong – they came out here, often from Ireland and the UK, from a cool country to the harshness of the Australian bush,” she said. Noelene said she visited Forbes several times while researching her book, initially to find out more about the life of Kate Kelly – Ellen and John’s seventh child, who drowned in Lake Forbes in 1898 at just 36.

Christine Nixon, Andrew Fraser and Noelene Allen

ABC Local | 19 September 2012 | Samantha Stayner

Former Police Commissioner Christine Nixon joined Jon Faine as his co-host on today’s Conversation Hour. Their guests included former criminal lawyer Andrew Fraser, and author Noelene Allen.

Ned Kelly’s mother is the subject of a new book by Beechworth local Noelene Allen. Ellen Kelly outlived seven of her 12 children. Hers was a life of tragedy and loss, but she was one tough woman.